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Think outside of the “page view”

With technology to track just about any customer behavior on your site in real time, FoxMetrics compiles a detailed profile for each person. With all of this data, you can analyze to your heart’s content, discovering key trends and segments. Or, use the individual user data to send the right marketing messages to the right users, at just the right moments.

Think Outside

Custom Dimensions & Metrics

Each business has unique analytics needs. We’ll help you customize your tracking and reporting, so you can measure what matters and make better business decisions.

custom dimensions

Custom Filters & Segments

Hone in on and target key customer groups based on shared characteristics and behaviors, using the filters you specify. The more focused your messaging, the better.

custom filters

Ad-Hoc Reports

Need a specific report set up to measure effectiveness a new marketing campaign, or to deliver to another department? No problem. You can create countless ad-hoc reports.

Ad-hoc reports

Predefined Reports

Monitor your KPIs — like retention and conversion rates — with real-time, predefined reports. When you’re in tune with your site’s performance, you can keep optimizing.

predefined reports

eCommerce Tracking

When eCommerce is your business, you need to know how your site and marketing are performing in real time. Keep close tabs on time to conversion, your conversion funnel, form completion, and other metrics that affect your bottom line.

ecommerce tracking

Data Tables

Sometimes, you need to crunch the big numbers, and the best way to do that is in a spreadsheet. You can export any of your FoxMetrics data into a .CSV file. Data tables also allow you to import arbituary data and merge with existing data in FoxMetrics to create a unified report.

data tables

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