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Get the full picture of your marketing ROI.

With FoxMetrics, you can understand the true impact of every marketing dollar you spend — beyond “last click.” Optimize your campaigns and increase revenue with advanced, multi-touch attribution modeling.


Holistic Insights

The purchase cycle is complex, and “last click” models don’t tell you how each of your marketing tactics affects conversion. We do.


Turn Insights Into Action

Our tool lets you segment and query your data based on any attribute you choose, so you can continuously optimize and refine your marketing.

turn insights

Single Customer View

We track and create profiles on single customers seamlessly, across all of the devices and channels they engage with.

single customer

Ad Server Integration

View your advertising’s performance across all channels, from your FoxMetrics dashboard. We’ll integrate with your ad network of choice.

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Multi-Device Attribution

Customers view your content across multiple devices before making a purchase. See how user behavior varies across devices, and where to focus your efforts.

multi device
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