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Grow Your Subscriber Userbase

Email is still king. Make your email campaigns even more powerful with FoxMetrics.

Opt-in subscribers are your most loyal users: they’re letting you know that you have permission to contact them via email on a regular basis. That’s powerful. Are you using this to your advantage? FoxMetrics can help.

Use FoxMetrics to prompt visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, then learn more about who’s subscribing. Are buyers of certain products more likely to subscribe? Are visitors subscribing immediately? How many visits does it take before they subscribe? In what other ways are your subscribers engaging with your website? Use these insights to improve how you grow your subscriber list and measure the performance of your campaigns, then use those insights to take action.

Once you’ve started growing your email newsletters, FoxMetrics can measure anything you want to know about your campaigns, so you can learn what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to make your campaigns even better.

Learn How Your Email Campaigns Are Performing

Email campaigns are among the most powerful campaigns you can run. But how do you know your email campaigns are working unless you are tracking each one of them? Our email analytics tool hones in on exactly what is working and not working with your email marketing efforts. Learn who’s opening your emails, who’s clicking, and which of those subscribers are converting because of your emails. Discover which subscribers haven’t opened a message in over a month but have still visited your site.

From open/read rates, click-through rates, and ultimately sales, FoxMetrics helps you build a powerful, predictable, email marketing machine. Keep the machine well-oiled to get more business and watch your sales grow.