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No more 24-hour waits to view your reports. We collect, analyze, and store your data as soon as we receive them so you can analyze your data immediately. Install our script one time and start analyzing your data immediately.



View your most active users, see where they’re clicking, how long they take to buy, their expected lifetime value, and much more. Store individual visitor data so you can show each visitor the right message at the right time.


Newsletter Sign-up

Prompt your audience to sign up for your newsletter with a signup window customizable to reflect your brand. Ask the right visitors at the right time to subscribe, learn about who’s subscribing, and group your subscribers into segments.


Audience Grouping

Group your audience by any action they take (or don’t take) on your site. View reports based on certain segments or target certain segments with our personalized targeting and triggers.


Custom Reports

If our built-in reports aren’t enough, you can generate ad hoc reports based on any criteria. Generate these reports one time or automatically on a regular basis. We can also build custom reports for you.



First touch, last touch, multi-touch, weighted: we cover all the standard attribution models. Learn where your marketing budget is going with our attribution reports.



How long are your customers staying? What keeps them coming back? Our customer retention reports will show you the answer so you can keep more customers for longer.


Path to Conversion

View the many ways your audience is exploring your website, including the paths they take before converting. Learn the time to conversion, whether your expected path works, and what’s distracting your visitors before they convert.


User Feedback

Conduct surveys, collect user feedback, and with the FoxMetrics research suite. Show different questions for visitors in different segments, prompt your audience at the best time, and use their answers to take action.


Personalized Targeting

Target everyone, individual visitors, or certain segments based on the actions they take. Use your data to send targeted emails, show special and relevant offers, rearrange your site navigation, or redirect your visitors to a page just for them.


Real-time Site Customization

Customize your website in real time as your audience explores. Show products most relevant to them, the areas of the site they visit most, and more.


Abandon Cart

Ever left your cart behind while shopping online? You’re not the only one. Send a targeted email to your customers, reminding them of the shopping cart they left behind.


Abandon Browse

We’ve all browsed online with the intent to buy, then come away empty-handed. Use these abandoned sessions to grow your revenue: send a targeted email reminding your customers, show off the products they viewed, and more.

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