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Stay On Their Mind (And In Their Inbox)

Fact: Opt-in newsletter marketing works. Email is the easiest way to get a customer’s attention, and newsletters keep your brand on their mind while they’re checking their messages.

Now that your hard work in getting visitors to your site is paying off, make them come back for more. We’ll help you give your site visitors a simple nudge so they can keep coming back. Turn your visitors into readers and customers.

All you have to do is ask.

Grow your Email List With FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics provides a customizable window, prompting site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. From the text to the design, your newsletter signup prompt is completely customizable. Use this to make your signup prompt part of your already recognizable brand.

Once you’re set up, you can prompt everyone who visits your site to join your newsletter. Or you can limit the prompts and show the prompt only to users who have visited your website before, or have not created an account, or have not already signed up for your newsletter. You can also ask users to sign up once they’ve been on your site for a given period of time. Visitors can even opt out of seeing the message again.

Use Your Favorite Newsletter Provider

Once you’ve started building your list, it’s time to start sending emails. FoxMetrics integrates with email services you love, including MailChimp and ExactTarget, so your newsletter provider can also use the emails you’re collecting.

How Our Newsletter Signup Tool Works

Get started with newsletter signups and growing your email newsletter in three simple steps:

  1. Customize the text to engage your site visitors
  2. Start prompting visitors to sign up for your newsletter
  3. Enjoy your growing email list

Once you’ve started prompting users to sign up for your newsletter, you can learn more about those users, create a profile for them, and target each visitor individually.

Just like everything else in FoxMetrics, the data gained from your newsletter signups is easily accessible in your reports. View your reports and see who’s signing up for your newsletter. Grow your business reach with FoxMetrics.