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See what your visitors are doing before they buy

How are your visitors finding your site? What are they doing before signing up or buying? FoxMetrics shows you how long your users are taking to convert, as well as how they’re doing it.

What are your visitors doing before they buy? Are they exploring your website, or do they go straight for the purchase?

FoxMetrics shows you where your customers go to get the information they need, when they need it. Use what you learn from these insights to put the most important information front and center, so your audience will see it sooner. Your customers will thank you for it.

Once you’ve improved the experience for your visitors, FoxMetrics can make your sales cycle even shorter and get more sales.

See how long your visitors are taking to buy

Whether your visitors are taking five minutes or five months to buy, knowing how long visitors take to buy is one of the most important metrics to measure.

Once you know this information, you can see what your sales cycle really looks like. Are visitors signing up or buying immediately? How long do they wait until making a first purchase? How long is the delay before a second purchase? We’ll show you everything you want to know about your sales cycle, from first impressions to top buyers.

Now that you know how visitors are exploring your website before they act, you can take steps to shorten the sales cycle and make more sales.

View your sales funnels

No matter how short you manage to make the sales funnel, some visitors will always drop out. That’s why FoxMetrics shows you every step of the sales funnel: which steps are retaining customers, where your visitors are dropping out, and who’s dropping out of the sales funnel.

With FoxMetrics, you can also create your own sales funnels unique to your business. Learn where your visitors are dropping out of the sales cycle and why they’re dropping out, then optimize your sales funnel to grow your business, from raising awareness to getting the sale.

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