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Personalize The User Experience

Don’t just stare at your data. Take action with FoxMetrics triggers and turn your users’ visits into a unique experience. Set actions to happen once certain conditions are met. From there, the sky’s the limit.

What can you do with personalized targeting at FoxMetrics? Here are just a few ideas.

No two users are alike, and their experience on your website shouldn’t be the same either. FoxMetrics can update your web content in real time so your visitors can experience your website the way it was meant to be: just for them.

Update what you want, when you want, and make your visitors’ experience the best it can be. If you know a site visitor came from Twitter, you can ask them to engage in other ways, such as signing up for your email newsletter. If you know a visitor is female, then you can rearrange your header navigation to show your products for women first.

When your visitors feel special, they come back. And when they return to your site, they’re more likely to buy and become loyal customers.

Send Targeted Emails

While no two users are exactly alike, many customers have one or two or three things in common like where they live, what type of mobile device they use, what browser they use, or how they landed on your site.

You can use those insights you’ve discovered to target these audiences based on these criteria.

Did a user discover your site via Facebook? You can send them an email targeted to this attribute.

Did a visitor access your site via a mobile device? Send them an email about your app or prompt them to download the app when they visit.

You can also send emails to customers based on the actions they’ve taken on your website. Whether they’ve just signed up, purchased a product, or completed an action, you can email them to thank or encourage them to the next step.

It’s just another step toward personalizing your marketing.

Track Abandoned Shopping Carts

Fact: nearly 70% of visitors fill up their shopping cart and then leave without buying anything. While this statistic may sound discouraging, it doesn’t have to be. A well-timed message can turn a casual site visitor into a lifelong paying customer.

With FoxMetrics, track who’s leaving their shopping carts behind. Then send them a friendly email reminder with a strong call to action, and remind them of their abandoned session on your website.

Combine personalized targeting with our analytics, research, and profile offerings, and you have the most powerful suite of analytics and targeting tools out there.