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Stay relevant. Know your customers

You don’t have one “audience.” You have a wide range of customers and prospects, with an endless number of cohorts to be discovered. Which consumers have shown interest in your products, but haven’t clicked “buy”? Who can you target to leave a product review? You can segment customers to your heart’s content with FoxMetrics.

Stay relevant


Imagine the possibilities if you could capture data on all of your users’ behavior, at the individual level. With FoxMetrics, you can target individual users, and in real time.



We help you capture real-time, as-it-happens data on just about any customer attribute you can think of — including user behaviors on site, demographics, returning and first-time customers, and much more.



Data is even more powerful when coupled with metrics — known trends and insights. Harness your complete data to make informed decisions, and send impactful marketing messages.


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