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Stay relevant. Know your customers

You don’t have one “audience.” You have a wide range of customers and prospects, with an endless number of cohorts to be discovered. Which consumers have shown interest in your products, but haven’t clicked “buy”? Who can you target to leave a product review? You can segment customers to your heart’s content with FoxMetrics.

We can help develop segmented email campaigns for separate customer groups. These campaigns will help retarget that audience who have shown interest but haven’t taken that step yet. It can also improve the open and click-through rates of your emails.

FoxMetrics can help you segment your audience and target each of the customer group in a unique way. We can also help position your brand or service to each customer segment as per their activity and interest.

Stay relevant

We can help you determine the different types of audience for your brand.  And select those types that you must target with your marketing strategies. Implement this segmentation by optimizing your products or services for each customer segment. Communicate effectively with each customer segment with tailored product reviews and emails!


Imagine the possibilities if you could capture data on all of your users’ behavior, at the individual level. With FoxMetrics, you can target individual users, and in real time. Wouldn’t it give you an edge over your rivals if you could track what individuals users are buying online? Or what websites he or she is visiting? Possessing user activity intelligence is priceless for businesses!

We can help you track several vital data about specific users. The browser they are using, the amount of time they are spending on a site, the ads they are clicking, the links they are clicking, items they are searching and other vital online activities. You can also know in real time, when these users are returning to a site or if they are not returning at all.


These are precious online activity data that you can leverage to create targeted product reviews and email campaigns! We can provide you with a wide variety of behavioral targeting techniques to help track the activity of users! These strategies can then enable you to develop more targeted ad campaigns for users. The benefits of behavioral targeting are multifold! You can segregate customers based on different online behaviors and create marketing strategies tailored to each segment. You can develop a separate ad campaign for customers with a positive affinity to ads. And develop a different advertising strategy for those who are new to online ads.

This targeting technique can also let you contact those users who are close to taking a buying decision. And employ more hard selling techniques to existing customers! FoxMetrics can help you achieve all of that!


We help you capture real-time, as-it- happens data on just about any customer attribute you can think of — including user behaviors on site, demographics, returning and first-time customers, and much more.

With demographic intelligence under your belt, you can offer timely and relevant information to your audience. Use the demographics in conjunction with the data on online activity to create more effective marketing techniques!

FoxMetrics can be your expert profile builder that can help you create a segmented audience base!



Data is even more powerful when coupled with metrics — known trends and insights. Harness your complete data to make informed decisions, and send impactful marketing messages.

Make these informed decisions by sending out emails to your audiences and collecting feedback. These online activity metrics can also help test a hypothesis based on their behavioral data.

Aggregate data can never help you make intelligent assumptions or test a theory! Granular user metrics intelligence goes a long way in developing powerful and targeted ad campaigns.



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