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Learn What Makes Visitors Convert

Divide your audience into groups by browser, user behavior, purchase value, and much more. Once you’ve used segmentation to organize your audience, the possibilities are endless.

With FoxMetrics, you can create segments for your converted visitors. Run reports with only those visitors and learn what they have in common, as well as what you can do to increase conversion rates. You can also divide your users into segments based on when they drop out of your sales funnel. Find out what these visitors have in common and optimize your funnel to bring these visitors back.

Optimize The User Experience

While each visitor is unique, some members of your audience share attributes. Use segmentation to optimize your site by customizing what your visitors see.

If you know a visitor is female, you can show women’s products first in your site navigation. Show off the next step in becoming a power user if a visitor has interacted with your site recently. You can also suggest products based on a visitor’s past browsing habits and purchases.

Send Targeted Emails To The Right People

Targeted email marketing is a huge market because it works. Once you’ve divided your audience into segments, you can embrace that power to do more.

Send targeted emails to users in certain segments. Show your audience the next step to becoming a power user. Remind visitors of the shopping cart they left behind. Reach out to visitors who haven’t returned in awhile, and give them a next step or special incentive to return to your site.

Combine segmentation with our suite of audience profiles and personalized targeting for an unparalleled custom analytics and targeting experience.