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Start reclaiming lost revenue from abandoned shopping carts.

Up to 87% of online shoppers abandon carts. Imagine the bottom-line impact if you could recover just a fraction of these sales. FoxMetrics puts this powerful conversion tool at your fingertips.

The cart abandonment may have occurred due to a variety of reasons. Our specialized software tool can detect those glitches and recover many of your lost customers. And also lead them back to your sales page!  Recovery of lost customers will bring unprecedented improvement in revenue to your e-commerce business. We offer intuitive and state-of- the-art recovery solutions that can help salvage your lost sales!

Did you know that a vast percentage of cart abandonment is unintentional? Some of the common reasons of abandonment are website crash and website time out. Issues with their internet service provider are another cause for abandoned carts!


FoxMetrics offers customized recovery solutions through our superior software tool. Tailor this software tool as per the needs of your e-commerce business. Besides, it can highlight the flaws in your e-commerce business that’s causing the abandonment.    Give FoxMetrics the opportunity to drive back the abandoned sales in droves to your sales funnel!

Customer Profiles

FoxMetrics creates detailed profiles of individual users on your site, so you can target them on a personal (and more effective) level.

FoxMetrics boasts insightful abandonment recovery software that's smart enough to segregate your prospective customers. This software tool can separate your users on the basis of age, location, profession, internet browsing behavior and other crucial demographic features.

Targeting your audience based on these factors can give you an edge over your rivals!  Separating your customers can help create targeted pitches with higher conversion rates.

customer level


People abandon carts for different reasons. Personalized messages and offers draw customers back to complete their purchases.

Every customer is unique! And every customer may also have a unique reason for aborting a cart. So each customer must get a personalized message and offer according to these reasons.

FoxMetrics platform discovers these reasons of abandonment and helps you create personalized emails for each customer! Our software also features a powerful algorithm that suggests the best time and the interval to send out these emails.



Send automatic, personalized messages to customers based on behaviors on your site — like shopping cart abandonment — at specified intervals.

Our software algorithm is smart enough to keep track of several user behaviors on your e-commerce site and send out tailored emails based on it. The platform is also designed to select the most appropriate time and interval for sending out these emails.

Apart from shopping cart abandonment, it can also keep a log of various other activities. It can track the amount of time spent on each page, email subscription, topics searched, ads clicked and so on. This information is then collated to create targeted messages to each customer.


ESP Integration

Link our rich user data to your email addresses and profiles. We integrate with your email service provider to send abandoned cart emails & more.

FoxMetrics offers solutions to integrate the user data that it has collected to the email addresses and profiles of your customers. This smart inter-platform compatibility lets you combine heterogeneous data to create powerful marketing pitches to recover lost revenue.

This smart feature opens doors to immense possibilities with regard to communicating with your customers. It not only makes your marketing emails effective but also targeted! FoxMetrics software lets you focus on more vital tasks of your business by offering solutions to integrate two different platforms and data.


Exit Intent

Display real-time pop-up messages to users who appear to be abandoning their carts. Convert them before they leave your site!

FoxMetrics software can sense any potential cart abandonment and nudges your customer back to the sales funnel before they are gone for good! Our software algorithm does its best to convert a visitor into a successful sale by displaying relevant messages and tracking their activities on your site.

exit intent


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