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Start reclaiming lost revenue from abandoned shopping carts.

Up to 87% of online shoppers abandon carts. Imagine the bottom-line impact if you could recover just a fraction of these sales. FoxMetrics puts this powerful conversion tool at your fingertips.


Customer Profiles

FoxMetrics creates detailed profiles of individual users on your site, so you can target them on a personal (and more effective) level.

customer level


People abandon carts for different reasons. Personalized messages and offers draw customers back to complete their purchases.



Send automatic, personalized messages to customers based on behaviors on your site — like shopping cart abandonment — at specified intervals.


ESP Integration

Link our rich user data to your email addresses and profiles. We integrate with your email service provider to send abandoned cart emails & more.


Exit Intent

Display real-time pop-up messages to users who appear to be abandoning their carts. Convert them before they leave your site!

exit intent

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