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Discover Where Your Visitors Are Coming From

Learn how your social media channels and campaigns affect your traffic, conversion, and bottom line with FoxMetrics.

How is your audience finding your website? Are they talking about you on social media? How are your tweets performing? Are people paying attention to your Facebook page?

Answer these questions and much more with our social performance measurement tools. Learn how social media is driving your online presence and what you can do to nurture those channels.

Once you know which channels are driving traffic to your site, you can grow those channels to get even more traffic, conversions, and sales.

Discover Who’s Talking About You

How people talk about you matters, especially on social media where anyone can form an opinion in an instant. That’s why FoxMetrics shows you who’s talking about you, where they’re talking about you, and who’s leading the conversation.

Learn which tweets are getting the most engagement, whose updates are getting shared, and who’s engaging with those tweets. View how your engagements have gone up since last week, last month, or this time last year. See who’s are talking about you so you can start a conversation with industry influencers.

Measure Your Social Media Campaigns

If you’re not measuring your performance, you may as well be sending your social media updates into the ether. Since every piece of your online presence matters, not just your website, we help you track how every piece of your social media presence is performing. Dig deep into your social media campaigns and discover what’s working, what’s not, and how you can improve your social media presence. From everyday tweets to large Facebook campaign, FoxMetrics has the tools to monitor your social media campaigns.

Once you know how your business is performing on social media, you can take advantage of this knowledge and grow your business. FoxMetrics is here to help you measure every step of the way.

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