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Learn What Your Audience Thinks

The best way to learn what your audience thinks on a topic is to ask them. Prompt them to offer their opinions with FoxMetrics Surveys.

Whether you want to collect user feedback or conduct a survey for future business decisions, FoxMetrics has you covered. Ask your choice of multiple choice and short answer questions to your audience. Collect answers you can dig into and analyze, then make decisions to send your business in the right direction.

Store Your Questions and Answers in FoxMetrics

There are plenty of existing survey solutions out there, but none of them work directly with your analytics and personalization tools.

When you use FoxMetrics for analytics and surveys, your questions and answers work directly with your personalization tools. This means you can use your visitors’ answers to personalize their experience while learning more about your audience via their answers.

Ask the Right Questions to the Right People

Just like everything else at FoxMetrics, our survey tool is completely customizable to your needs. Just a few things you can do:

Want to learn what your audience thinks of a feature or product? Survey only the visitors who have used that feature or product. Similarly, if you’re interested in feedback on a potential product, ask only visitors who would be interested based on their past activity.

Are you interested in improving the new visitor experience? Ask questions only of first-time visitors and use their insights to improve your website, both for them and other future visitors.

Want to gain insights on the effectiveness of your support area? Ask only the visitors who have visited your support area.

Interested in how specific groups of visitors experience your website? Use our segmentation tool to divide your audience into groups and target the groups you’re interested in.

Make Every Question Relevant

Even within individual surveys, you can tailor the questions to individual visitors. Choose your next question based on the answers to previous questions. Randomize the answer order so your audience can select the one that’s most relevant for them.

Ask your visitors questions based on their personal experience, not just the experience you want them to have.

Combine surveys with our analytics and targeting tools for the most customizable solution on the market.

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