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Onboard Users By Their Actions

Today’s users are bombarded with information in every direction. FoxMetrics helps you send targeted emails to your customers based on actions they take… and the ones they don’t.

The onboarding experience is a deciding factor in getting your visitors to take action, and personalizing this experience for your visitors is vital to turning them into customers.

If you know a visitor found your site through another website, you can mention this in your welcome email and send targeted emails based on this fact.

Or if a customer is halfway through a free trial and hasn’t used it, you can send a targeted email with next steps based on the steps they’ve already taken. Have they viewed a product? Send a personalized email with other items they might like.

Launch Targeted Email Campaigns To The Right People

No one likes getting a mass mailing that isn’t relevant to them. Make your messages count with targeted email campaigns.

When you launch a new product or feature, you can give your most loyal visitors a sneak peek by emailing them early with the notice. You can also email visitors who haven’t come back in awhile but might be interested based on past actions they’ve taken.

By sending only the most relevant, targeted emails to your customers, you can show your customers all the things they care about… and none of the things they don’t.

Email Visitors Who Leave Their Shopping Carts Behind

Nearly 70% of visitors fill up an online shopping cart and then leave without checking out. While abandoned browsing sessions are normal, you can bring your customers back with a friendly targeted email.

A friendly reminder of their lonely shopping cart can be the final push to gaining a new customer. And once you’ve gained that new customer, luring them back to your website is even easier.

This is just the beginning of what FoxMetrics can do with targeted emails. Combine targeted emails with our segmenting and personalization tools to get even more out of FoxMetrics.

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