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Measure (and improve) your customer satisfaction.

The only way to truly know whether your customers are happy with the experience you’ve created is to ask them. FoxMetrics helps you aggregate, quantify, and make sense of survey responses, so you can continuously improve.



Everything from the questions in your survey, to the graphics, colors, and fonts in your pop-up design are customizable to your brand. Manage your surveys easily, within our widget.


Event Triggers

Our trigger component lets you automatically take action, based on certain user behaviors and events — like responses to surveys — so you can improve customer satisfaction.

event triggers

Net Promoter Score

Understand how customers perceive your brand, and how you’re stacking up to competitors. Our surveys and dashboards help you track your Net Promoter Score in real time.

net promoter score


Because we track individual customers and their behaviors over time (and give you complete, non-truncated data), you’ll begin to uncover valid patterns and trends.


Profiles & Segments

Sort and segment customers based on survey responses, or satisfaction levels. Survey data helps enhance your customer profiles, so you can tailor your communications to customers.


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