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Track, Analyze, React, Repeat

Your audience is using your website in all kinds of ways, and not just your perfectly paved path to conversion. Many of your visitors may even be using your website in ways you never expected them to.

Learn how people are really using your website with FoxMetrics, and then use that data to make your website even better.

FoxMetrics tracks what your audience is looking at, along with where they’re clicking (and where they’re not). Is your audience clicking where you want them to? Are they getting distracted by other elements of your site? Are they leaving immediately after visiting a certain page? FoxMetrics can answer these questions and more about user behavior.

Use FoxMetrics to track clickstreams and see what your visitors are really doing on your website. Then use our reports to make changes that will keep customers coming back.

Keep doing this, and your website will be optimized for every visitor, from the power users to the first-timer.

What User Behaviors Can I Track?

The short answer: anything. Just to name a few:

  1. Learn where your audience is clicking… and where they aren’t
  2. See whether your new redesign is working
  3. Make changes that your audience will actually use
  4. Show where your marketing dollars are going
  5. Gain more engaged visitors, conversions, and sales

Your users are already taking different paths before converting. Which paths have a high conversion rate? Which ones don’t work at all? Let FoxMetrics tell you. Stop making guesses on what works. Start using data to back up your hunches.

Combine user behavior reports with our suite of profiles, segmentation, and personalized targeting solutions for an unparalleled custom analytics experience.

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