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Here is why restaurant industry revenue is essential.

3 Ways to Increase Revenue with Restaurant Industry Analytics

The restaurant industry has the potential to be extremely fruitful, but you have to overcome a plethora of obstacles associated with the small profit margin, customer relations, and supply management. Luckily, there’s a way to optimize all those things to … Read More

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How to Grow Your Restaurant with Predictive Restaurant Analytics

Just like any other business, growth is a major goal for every restaurant operator. However, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of habits that prevent that growth from occurring or even cause your restaurant to slowly shut down. To … Read More

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Restaurant Data Mining: A Necessary Tool for Success

Operating a restaurant is one of the riskiest business ventures you can take on. The profit margin is extremely small, and any seemingly inconsequential decisions can create a domino effect that works its way throughout the entire business. However, it’s … Read More

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Why Is Knowing Restaurant Data So Important

Running a restaurant is one of the most fulfilling business ventures you can take on. You’re surrounded by hardworking people, great food, and usually, satisfied customers. However, it’s also one of the hardest business ventures to handle, because achieving all … Read More

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A 5 Step Framework to Unlock Web Analytics Value

Properly implemented web analytics helps removes the guesswork from your online activities. It allows you to track and enhance your website and marketing activities. Here are 5 frameworks to help you develop a strong online presence to unlock your Web Analytics value. … Read More

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Website Navigation Best Practices

Website navigation is not something you think about until you get lost on a website or can’t seem to get past a specific page. Yet it can make or break users’ experience and can impact a site’s SEO. Here are the best practices to optimize your Web navigation. … Read More

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5 Ways Web Analytics Data Drive Online Buying Decisions

The customer purchase decision process starts with consumers recognizing a need or want, and it ends when they make the purchase and considers that it truly meets their needs. Here’s how to leverage web analytics to influence customers buying decisions. … Read More

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What Your Web Analytics May Not Be Telling You

Do you know what your web analytics is telling you? What about what it isn’t telling you? Web analytics tools are great for revealing metrics, learning more about the customer, and improving sales. But most web analytic tools out there fall short. Here’s how to test the efficiency of your web analytics tool. … Read More

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How Useful Is Real-Time Web Analytics In Digital Marketing?

Real-time web analytics gives marketers control of how customers and prospects interact with their websites and campaigns. You can control your customers’ journey and influence their buying decisions. … Read More

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How Customer Analytics Can Change the Way Your Business Grows

There’s nothing more valuable to a business than knowing what your customer is thinking. That’s the capability the customer analytics offers. Analyzing your customer data helps you gain insight to improve your relationship with them and serve them better. … Read More

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