By Amit Kursija Sep 09, 2013 0

Why Account Name?

You may have noticed that after we launched our new UI we included a new field called account and we’ve been asked multiple times – why? So let me explain. We made this change to ease the management of multiple accounts for people that do have access to multiple accounts i.e. Digital Agencies. Some of the agencies that we partner with manage multiple FoxMetrics accounts for 2 or more clients, therefore, its easier for them to simply login with the same email and password and change account name as they see fit.

For those of you with a single account, you may login without an account name and even if you do have multiple accounts and do not specify an account name, the system will log you into your default account which is usually the first account you created.

Once registering you will noticed that we do not ask for account name but rather company name which is then used to create account name, you should contact us if you would like it changed.

As always please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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