By Amit Kursija Apr 23, 2012 0

Action Depth Report

There is a new standard report now available to you everyone that shows the distribution of actions against visits – it’s a very simple but yet powerful report. We obviously don’t believe in page views in this age of real time apps, therefore, the action depth report is solely based on the number of actions performed by a person during a visit. It helps you determine engagement, the more actions the more engaged your users are with your application.

If a high percentage of your visits fall in the “0 visits” row, then something is wrong with your design and flow, as your users aren’t interacting with your web application– you got some work to do, however, if a high percentage of those visits fall in the higher range of actions then you know that your visitors are actually interacting with your web app.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with this report or anything else, we provide free consultation for our customers.

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