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What can I expect during a FoxMetrics demo?

If you’re seeking an analytics and targeting solution for an enterprise website or collection of websites, then signing up for a 14-day FoxMetrics trial can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we offer one-on-one demos of the FoxMetrics tools: so you can get started with FoxMetrics while learning more about our powerful analytics and targeting tools directly from our team.

Before the Demo

foxmetrics request demo

Requesting a FoxMetrics demo is easy. Click the Request a Demo button on our website and fill out the form.


We ask for your name, email, phone, company name, and website. All of this information will help us get to know your company and get in touch with you to learn more.

Once you’ve requested a FoxMetrics demo, a member of the FoxMetrics team will get in touch with you via phone or email and learn more about what you’re looking for in an analytics and personalization provider. This discovery call, which lasts about an hour, will help us tailor the FoxMetrics demo to your business website’s needs.

At this point, you probably have a lot of questions: whether FoxMetrics supports a specific feature, or whether FoxMetrics is right for your team. Come ready with questions and ready to explain what you’re looking for in your analytics and personalization solution, and we’ll be ready with answers.

After we’ve set a date and time that works well for everyone attending the demo, we’ll start preparing a FoxMetrics demo that showcases how FoxMetrics works for your website. When possible, we’ll install the FoxMetrics code on your website before the demo so you can see how FoxMetrics works with your data.

Demo Day

The big day has arrived: the day that you see firsthand what FoxMetrics can do for your business.

We’ll get started with showing you the basics of how FoxMetrics works and how it will work on your site. Since we’ve taken the time to learn all about your website’s personalization needs, the demo you see will include the most beneficial FoxMetrics features to suit your business needs. And if your website is already using the FoxMetrics code, you can see FoxMetrics using your data, much like you would be using FoxMetrics in your day-to-day analysis.

Our demos aren’t one-sided; they help us show how FoxMetrics can help your business as well as show you whether FoxMetrics is the right solution for your website. While we have a lot to show off, you probably still have a lot of questions. Feel free to ask those questions at any time during the demo, and we’ll show you exactly how you can use FoxMetrics to achieve your business goals.

After the Demo

Seeing for yourself what FoxMetrics can do is just the beginning. Once you’ve seen how FoxMetrics fits in with your business, we can work together and implement FoxMetrics on your website. And once FoxMetrics is up and running, you can start making decisions with data immediately.

Ready to schedule a demo and learn firsthand how FoxMetrics can help your business? Schedule a FoxMetrics demo today and jumpstart your business with the most customizable analytics and personalization solution available.

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