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Cohort Analysis Retention Report

We are hard at work at FoxMetrics trying to build the most advanced analytics platform for your web, desktop and mobile applications. We are proud to announce the availability of our cohort-based retention analysis report.

Analyzing a group of users that took a certain action between certain dates is crucial and offers you a valuable insight into how people are using or stopped using your application. This is were Cohort analysis comes in handy, it will help you break down your customers by a specific action, so you can see how your changes affect retention rates.

A cohort analysis can answer simple questions such as

  1. How many users registered and then came back and logged in?
  2. How many users registered and then came back and played a game?
  3. How many users visited my web store and then came back and purchased?
  4. How many days do people that usually visit my store for the first time come back and place an order?
  5. etc..

As a business online application owner, you should be continuously measuring engagement on your application so that you can answer the following questions:

  1. Are people more likely to come back and use my application?
  2. Are the people that are using my application active?
  3. Are those people spending money or reaching my goals?

Our cohort analysis report is made up of two components or requirements since it’s a mapped report; The cohorting event which is what we will use to group users together and theengagement/retention event which indicates whether the changes to your application are effective and your users are actively using your application.

Once you’ve mapped your events to the requirements of the cohort analysis report, your report will be available immediately and yes the mappings can be changed anytime.

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