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It is still unknown whether or not search engines take into account the keywords meta tag. If they do, its unclear on how much weight the search engines assign to the specified keywords. Dublin Core is an open source movement that is trying to popularize the idea of “Core metadata” for discovery purposes. As of this writing the Dublin Core has 15 elements that has been ratified.

In theory, using Dublin Core metadata may help your rankings with search engines, again its all theory as the algorithms of each search engine are protected and hush hush. Anyway, adding additional data that helps describe your content doesn’t hurt your ranking , so its probably safe to assume that the search engines may look at it as additional steps the author of that page is taking to improve its relevancy.

The Dublin Core metadata is very simple to implement and it doesn’t bloat or slow down your website and best of all it could improve your SEO efforts. Most pages these days have so much junk code in them that the addition of small elements is trivial – this initiative works for elements with XML, XHTML and HTML pages.

Although most major search engines probably do not at this time assign much weight to these new elements, they may do so in the new future, therefore, adding them now is only going to save you time and money in the long run.

Here is an example of our Dublin Core metadata tags.

The Dublin Core metadata generator can help you generate these elements if you need help getting started.

    <!-- Dublin Core-->
    <link rel="schema.DC" href="" />
    <meta name="DC.title" content="Web Analytics, Funnel Analysis,
    SEO Tools, and Social Monitoring : FoxMetrics" />
    <meta name="DC.identifier" content="" />
    <meta name="DC.description" content="FoxMetrics is a real-time
    platform that lets you measure and track how people interact with
    your web, desktop and mobile applications including social monitoring." />
    <meta name="DC.subject" content="Web Analytics, Funnel Analysis, Website Grader,
    Social Media Monitoring, SEO Tools" />
    <meta name="DC.language" scheme="ISO639-1" content="en" />

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