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How to Speed Up Your Website?

If you are serious about ranking high on search engines, you should pay attention to your site’s speed. A long loading time can be very detrimental to your ranking because it stands in the way of providing a great user experience to your visitors.

But just how do you speed up your site? Here are some of the best practices.

  1. Have an expires header.
    Placing an expires header for an image or a page signals to the browser that it should store that particular file in cache. What this means is that you enable the browser to keep a copy of these pages so when a user visits your site again, it will load quicker.
  2. Use compression.
    Yahoo suggests that you should enable Gzip compression to reduce the size of HTTP response by as much as 70%. Gzip, then, lowers the page’s weight and makes your page load faster.
  3. Use HTTP Keep-Alive.
    HTTP Keep-Alive is a feature that your hosting provider can give you. It is turned off by default. It helps reduce latency and makes your page load faster on repeat requests.
  4. Employ a Content Delivery Network.
    An excellent content delivery network has several servers that are physically apart from each other. You can then host your content on these various servers. This allows you to serve up content from a server that is nearest to the user or from a server that is faster and less busy. In both cases, you can dramatically speed up your page’s loading time.
  5. Think of your mobile page too.
    If you have a separate mobile page that redirects your visitors to a different page, such as those visiting getting redirected to, then be sure to use a redirect that is cacheable.
  6. Tweak your content.
    Loading times are directly affected by the size of your page and the number of elements in it. So reduce these elements to get a faster loading time.

Here are some suggestions:

Other stuff:

There are other stuff that you could try to help increase your site’s loading speed.

Put slashes at the end of links.

There are a lot of ways which can help you speed up your website, and these are just the most important ones and ones that are sure to make your page load significantly faster. Remember, each step here might improve your loading times only by milliseconds, but these milliseconds count!

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