By Amit Kursija Mar 05, 2012 0

Mapped Reports

FoxMetrics was built ground up to be flexible and powerful, we collect the actions of your customers in their simplest and granular form and its up to you to add value to these events. Therefore, we stay neutral and powerful, compared to other traditional analytics platforms.

To counter this flexibility, we’ve launched a new type of reports called mapped reports which allows us to create high level reports for you by simply applying meaning to the actions that we’ve collected. These reports are none intrusive and all you need to do to make them work is provide the mapping details.

The idea here is to let you continue tracking the actions of your customers and continue sending us events and if you need to use one of our mapped reports, you simply read what our requirements are and you tell us which events meet those requirements, thereby, mapping your events to our reports.

Let’s take the error report as an example, this report requires 4 fields, MESSAGE EVENT, theERROR MESSAGE and optionally a CATEGORY and URL attribute.

Once you’ve mapped those values to existing events or new events, you’ll be able to generate reports based on those mappings. The mappings are not permanent and can be changed anytime. At this time of writing, we’ve launched a couple of reports and we will add more as FoxMetrics grows. Feel free to use our suggestion area to submit ideas for reports that you made need.

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