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New Feature: URL Redirect

URL Redirect is a tool that redirects your visitors to another URL and  FoxMetrics now offers this tool. When you implement this tool, you can redirect your users to an order webpage, promotional webpage, etc.

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When most people consider URL redirect they think of only the technical aspects, but why not use it for marketing? It is applicable in marketing because you can generate your own data for you company. For example, if you want to track your online banner ads’ responses, you can accomplish this by using specific URLs that you include in your advertisements. Then, with a simple redirect, you can send the traffic from that specific URL to the home page or the appropriate page on your site. Allowing you track the traffic to that URL in FoxMetrics.

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URL redirects can be used for targeting purposes like device targeting or geo-targeting. Device targeting is becoming increasingly important, as the different types of mobile devices exist. By using URL redirect, mobile users can be redirected to a mobile website version.


Another great type of URL redirects for targeting purposes is geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is the approach to automatically redirect users to a local version of the requested URL to offer localized content. This is helpful for websites that target audience in more than one location and/or language.

Geo-targeting is one of the best methods for delivering targeted content to a visitor. Targeted content is key in catching users attention and improving engagement. People are naturally drawn to news and deals that are happening around them. By geo-targeting your website’s content, the visitor feels familiarity with the content displayed. This will enhance the user’s online experience, and it will increase trust, separating you from your competitors.

E-commerce websites are great examples where geo-targeting is a must have. Think of many online stores you visit today. You will instantly notice the pop-up is based on where you are from and the shipping deals with your local currency. On a global e-commerce website, it is important to tailor products and deals to suit the user’s location. Local products are more relevant and users are more likely to buy from a nearby store due to lower shipping costs, faster shipping, easier returns etc.

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FoxMetrics URL redirect is a valuable tool for any website owner. It can be used for targeting and optimization. It allows you to segment groups based on actions performed on the website.

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