Optimizing Conversion – Outdo MVT and A/B Testing Methods

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MVT and A/B testing are great means that can help you convert more website visitors into loyal customers. Both of these help you to choose the best images, headlines, message copy, content, layout, etc., which would motivate your visitors to have business with you.

Nevertheless, A/B testing and MVT won’t get you any farther. In case a visitor doesn’t convert into a client of yours during further steps of the process, it means that there are simply other factors that affect your website, along with those you may simply fix by modifying the layout, images, and content of your page. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not that you are unable to increase your conversions by optimizing latter steps of the process. No doubt you can, but you’ll get to a point of declining returns and you’ll need something else for greater conversions. Furthermore, the A/B and MVT knowledge will help you, but you’ll lose a lot of clients, while spending time on the tests.

Remember that as visitors move down the conversion process, their commitment to dealing with you grows. If you’re capable of capitalizing on that motivation properly, you’ll be able to get more conversions.

Here are several modes to assist you generate conversions from hose visitors that left your website unconverted (applying to services, buying a product, downloading a feature, etc.):

  1. On-site Targeting. This is a highly efficient technique that will drive a user to perform needed actions. You may target your audience with a personalized offer or message, promoting them to make a deal with you, when they return to your website later.
  2. Retargeting/Remarketing through Ads. This method works great in attracting potential clients, who have wandered about on the web and came across your website. Employing a service, like Google AdWords, you are able to reach your target audience on various resources that utilize Google AdSense. There are certain remarketing facilities you can use along with Google AdWords. Although they’re not too complex, they’re perfect to start off with.
  3. Online Chat. Online chats are a perfect mode to maintain a human communication with your visitors, while they are still on the website, in the purchase mode. Sometimes, human interaction is necessary to convince a visitor and an online chat can simply do the thing for you.
  4. SMS. Everybody seems to have a cell phone nowadays. You can follow up the shopping cart leavers through an SMS, hitting the iron, when it’s still hot. SMS marketing isn’t too common in the USA, but a lot of other countries get a huge benefit from it.
  5. E-mail Follow-up. This is just another great and broadly used mode to generate conversions from those that haven’t completed their conversion.
  6. Phone Calls. Just like online chat, phone calls indicate a human element. Phone calls are highly effective, even in converting a visitor that could’ve decided to move in another direction. Rate of phone conversions is normally much higher than that of online conversions.
  7. Direct Mailing. You may be surprised, but this method is still very effective in multiple cases.

Remember that your timing and proper follow up tactics are very significant, when you contact visitors, who didn’t convert. These tips should help you a lot in the conversion process.

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