By Amit Kursija Sep 19, 2011 0

Identify and group your visitors

As promised recently, segments are now live and available to everyone. Segments allow you to identify visitors with similar characteristics that you specify by using the segment rule builder. To get started go to your library and click on segments then add segment.

Once you have specified the details of the segment such as name, short description and etc. You can use the rule builder below to add rules. The rule builder is very flexible, as it allows you to select a custom event or a visitor/visit system attribute such as Channel, Search Keyword, Browser and more. You can add as is or select an operator and value to specify a specific match. i.e. All users from that searched for shoes that are using the Chrome browser.

You can add as many rules as you like, however, you should keep it as simple as possible so that your segments are very precise and definitive. Once you’ve added one or more rules, the rules list above will list each rule that you’ve added including the ability to re-sort by simply dragging the rules up and down with the drag handles on the left side of each rule.…and that is all there is to it. Click save, lean back and enjoy the results.

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