By Amit Kursija Nov 15, 2010 0

Public BETA now available

We believe in the launch now and launch frequently model, why wait until we have a complete application before making it available to our users? Our users need to use it and we need to build and adjust with the feedback that we get from them – there it is!

Therefore, its now available to the public, feel free to sign-up and get started immediately. We are looking forward to whatever feed back you may have for us, we will constantly push out new features as frequently as possible while catering to our customers.

So how do you register for a beta account? Its pretty simple. Follow the link below, you will get an email, click on the activation link to activate your account. You can log in immediately after activating and validating your account. Once you are in, click on your profile link on the top right and then setup on the orange bar and follow the instructions which provides the tracking code that you should copy and paste into every page of your site, that’s it! seat back and watch data flow.

Oh and don’t forget to send us your feedback.

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