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We promised that FoxMetrics will be packed with a lot of crucial features that will make your life a whole lot easier and one of them is Segmentation and we are ready to deliver. What is segmentation?

In simple terms, segmentation allows you to identify and target a unique group within your visitors base with definable and thereby targetable characteristics.

Segmenting your visitors will allow you to take targeted actions such as email targeting , promotion targeting and more. It will also help you learn about the interests of each group. To better sell your product, you need to understand the type of people that convert versus those that don’t. You can create several segments based on one or more criteria, segments such as geography, order size, frequency of purchase, frequency of visit, and other data will be very valuable to you.

Interestingly, visitor segments are not necessarily what you think they will be, they sometimes form on their own. Marketing without understand the desires of your customers – is simply wishful thinking. Therefore, its critical that you look for common characteristics and behaviors – you may identify a new market that could increase your conversion.

Be sure to monitor the behavior of each segment that you create and which events they trigger and products they buy if you sell any. You are spending a lot of money and time bringing visitors to your site, use segment to help you better understand them, thereby, leading to a high retention rate.

What can you do with our segmentation?

Our primary objective with FoxMetrics is to keep every thing as simply as possible, we want to provide our customers with the most valuable data without overwhelming them with unnecessary bloat. Segmentation for this phase will show you the number of unique visitors that match your specified criteria and the number of visits.

What will be in the next launch?

The next phase of our segmentation feature will allow you to drill further down into each visit and visitor and also the ability to export into several forms that you can use with your other reports.

Refining and overlaying segmentation over other reports.

One of the cool features of segmentation that will be available to you in the near future is the ability to overlay a segment over a funnel or fire of triggers based on a segment. i.e. subscribe a visitor to your subscription list if they fall into the “First Time Visit” funnel.


Keep an eye out, we will launch segmentation soon.

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