By Amit Kursija Dec 09, 2010 0

What is a stream?

A FoxMetrics stream is a way of showing activities on your website in real time; Therefore, the analytics stream shows you data in near real time as they occur and the same for the custom events stream and other streams that we may add in the future. They show you recent activities up to the minute and its very useful as a view of what’s happening on your website right now as it automatically refreshes with up to the minute data.

Each stream pulls data from your normal reports since they are all updated at the same time, however, streams are designed for a higher overview of what’s happening compared to our regular detail reports – its more of a snapshot of that minute.

You can use it to see how many people are visiting a specific page that you just bought ad space for or where they are coming from, which events are be fired off and more. You will be able to see a much more detail report if you simply visit that specific report, select a date range and refresh. We will tune each stream as time goes by as we figure out what people really want to see in these streams.

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