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Support for Privacy and Anonymity

Web analytics as a whole raises unique privacy issues. As a business, we do our best to rationalize concerns, educate and provide comfort to our customers and their website audience.

We do not use any methods of tracking users other than the common browser cookies, no flash cookies, ETag’s, temporary files or other mysterious means of tracking. If we do decide to use any other methods/techniques for tracking in the future, it will be clearly published and a means to de-activate will be provided – at this time, cookies do just fine.

Our service is here to help our customers measure, and understand how people interact with their website and we do so by gathering research data on each user action.

With whom do we share this information?

We do not share the information collected with anyone. In addition, we may release information to third parties when disclosure is required by law or to preserve our legal rights.

Opting Out

We built in several ways to de-activate or remove sensitive information from the data we receive both from our customers and their website visitors.

  1. A website visitor could remove themselves from tracking by deleting our cookies and using a browser that supports the do-no-track header
  2. Our customers can set different levels of privacy from with their dashboard
    1. Visitor Opt Out mode is our normal operating mode, everything is tracked while honoring the do-not-track headers
    2. Anonymize IP mode, removes the last octet of the website visitor IP address, therefore, becomes
    3. Complete Privacy mode, completely ignores all data that we dim private such as IP, location and more

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