By Amit Kursija Sep 01, 2011 0

Technical reports are now available

We know that we claim we are the king of event tracking and we can track anything from anywhere but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you other type of reports. With other event tracking platforms, they simply track and report on just events but we wanted to give you more than that, so that you don’t have to use another platform just to see the technical attributes of your visitors such as browsers, screen resolutions, languages and platforms.

One of the primary goals of FoxMetrics is to provide you with the most simplistic but yet powerful analytics platform, therefore, our reports will be very easy to read and clear as above. Remember, because you have complete control of what we track, technical reports are no different, you have to enable technical tracking for us to be able to collect the necessary data to analyze and report on technical attributes.

Stay tuned, got a lot more coming.

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