Three Substantial E-Mail Marketing Video Shortcuts

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Both online users and marketers are expecting the final accomplishment of HTML5 to make e-mail video embedding possible. With the newsletter text format and blanket emails getting frayed, consumers are refusing to employ an interactive media, such as video to trim their e-mail marketing campaigns.

HTML5 targets to implement this widespread change, but there are popular services, like Gmail that don’t offer its realization yet, along with a lot of web users complaining about the general Hotmail service, which is right now the only e-mail service permitting video embedding. So, video e-mail marketing is still at a halt. Even the use of iPhone and iPad for video e-mailing doesn’t provide all the benefits for most businesses, brands, and blogs.

What can you do about it then? Read on to learn about 3 significant shortcuts for the use of video in your e-mail marketing campaigns without HTML5.

Gmail Link Preview

In your video e-mail marketing campaigns on Gmail, you may take advantage of the video preview feature to make video links more conspicuous throughout your e-mail message. This is based on a simple URL included in your e-mail, but it is the ability of Gmail to preview it that supplies the video miniature.

Remember this shortcut’s effect will be dulled, if you try adding more than one video in a message. Try keeping video content in your e-mails limited to only one URL per message. A hailstorm of links will simply interfere with your message’s meaning. Keep in mind that your Gmail preview will only function with other Gmail users and Hotmail users, so when choosing the addressees, make sure they are using these services.

Video Image Hyperlink

If you are using YouTube, you are familiar with the concept of hyperlink use to send web users to various videos. Consumers do this to share other pieces of online content with audiences. You can apply a similar convention to your e-mail marketing campaign.

If you take a screenshot of your YouTube, Viddler, Daily Motion, BrightCove, Vimeo, or any other service’s video thumbnail, you can then employ this image, hyperlinking it to your content and sending your audience to it this way.

Users always enjoy getting visual content in their e-mails, so by using your current video player thumbnail picture you can prompt your audience to checking the content, as they will expect to watch a video. When a user clicks the hyperlinked image, they will land onto your video page and get the video content, but in a different window or tab.

*.GIF Files

Another shortcut to getting some use from e-mail video marketing with HTML5’s video support is to take advantage of *.gif files. They are captured video pieces that have been looped without sounds. They are normally found on web forums and at times have some SPAM content attached to them. However, if you make your own *.gif files that link to your marketing content, your e-mail recipients won’t have such issues with them.

You can hyperlink *.gif files, like images, encouraging your audience to click them to access video content you referenced in your messages.


When HTML5 at last arrives in might, the current e-mail marketing platform will take a huge step to the next level. When you can effortlessly integrate videos into messages, it will allow online marketers from all around the world to develop their own marketing campaigns to stand out from the grey mass. But, until then, you can take advantage of the 3 substantial shortcuts mentioned in this post to market your business much more efficiently, than before.

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