By Amit Kursija Dec 21, 2010 0

Tracking Code: Asynchronous

The next logical step after moving the tracking code to a CDN, Amazon CloudFront – was to convert the tracking code to be asynchronous since it was synchronous in its initial launch state.

Our asynchronous version of our tracking code provides a much more faster, non blocking and improved way of tracking your website interactions. It uses the browsers ability to download content without delaying or blocking other content from loading. If you would like to update to the latest version please log into your dashboard account and copy your tracking code from your profile that is automatically generated for you.

Using the asynchronous version of the script when the browser makes a requests to our server, it will not wait for a response as the synchronous version. It will continue loading as usual, therefore, the tracking code will be of no impact to your page load times or halt your page load in case of any technical issues.

We are here to help you improve your website and the way people interact with it and definitely their overall experience. So, its of high importance that we help and not hinder their experience by slowing everything down.

For users that will rather not change anything, the old synchronous tracking code will continue to work as intended, as a matter of fact its pretty much the same without the additional advantages of the browsers asynchronous capabilities, however, I strongly suggest that you switch over as soon as possible.


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