By Amit Kursija Aug 12, 2014 0

Updates: August 10

We recently launched a list of improvements mostly to our backend systems that may be too technical to discuss here. Here are the highlights and as always let us know if you experience any issues.

  1. New abandoned browse and cart reports in e-commerce
  2. Abandoned browse and cart events are now stored as events so you may now use Atlas to create custom reports around them
  3. Updates to Atlas job queuing and some minor bug fixes
  4. The visit data source now has a system abandoned cart and browse metric per visit
  5. Support for case-insensitive checks when creating custom dimensions on a url based dimension
  6. Ability to dynamically enable gzipping from within your application configuration in the dashboard, this was a system only functionality until now
  7. A long demanding feature was also added which is the ability to use an existing attribute value when creating a count metric, before a count metric will only increment by 1, now you could use an existing attribute such as product quantity if you are trying to sum total units.

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