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Using FoxMetrics Profiles to Discover User Segments and Laser-Target Your Marketing Messages

You know that the more targeted your marketing messages are to your specific audience, the higher your conversion rates will be. The trouble is, sending those highly targeted messages requires a lot of precise data on your customers, and the whole process can take up a lot of time and resources. That’s why we consider our Profiles tool to be one of our most important features in the FoxMetrics analytics tool suite. Successful marketing starts with defining and understanding your audience in order to tailor your message just for them: the more specifically you can target your prospects, users, and customers, the higher their response rates will be. FoxMetrics profiles make is easy to define and understand your audience, target your messages to specific users, and ultimately, boost your conversions and revenue.

What Are FoxMetrics Profiles?

In a nutshell, a profile is all the data gathered on a specific user or customer, compiled in a single snapshot. Unlike other analytics platforms, we not only keep track of your aggregate site traffic analytics (such as traffic numbers and trends, popular pages and products, etc.), but also individual users. When a user visits your site, FoxMetrics begins compiling their profile. The profile includes that user’s traffic source, demographics, product viewing and purchase history, profile update history; everything down to the individual buttons they’re clicking on your website. And not only that: Every customer is unique, but many of them will tend to share common attributes. Using our powerful profile search function, you can quickly discover just which traits and attributes are most common across the board. Our profile search function can locate specific profiles, or group together profiles according to user attributes, such as:

  • customers who made purchases in the last month
  • users who have created accounts but haven’t purchased yet
  • customers who arrived via Twitter, or Facebook
  • all customers who have ever made a purchase over $50
  • demographics (age, gender, location, etc.)

Equipped with that data, you can easily hone in on your key customer groups, defining key audience segments and targeting your messages more effectively.

Profiles Are Just the Beginning

Our profiles features is the foundation and starting point for many of our other tools, including:

  • Audience Builder: segment your customers into groups according to their profiles
  • Message tools, which you can use to send an email, popup message, or even SMS to specific segments based on profile details (this also integrates with Mailchimp, AWeber, and other email list tools)
  • Atlas dashboard, which you can use to create pre-designed or custom reports on your Profiles for everyone on your team.
  • …and many more (see all our products and tools here)

Profiles are also a key factor in creating Abandon Cart and Abandon Browse messages, since they allow you to craft a customized message that’s laser-targeted to each specific customer.

The Power of Profiles

Creating customer profiles is an important tool for understanding your customers, and reaching them with customized messages, but crafting targeted marketing messages is difficult and time consuming without the right tools. Luckily, our Profiles tool makes understanding your audience a breeze – and the higher conversions are worth the minimal effort. If you’re ready to take an in-depth look at your own customers – and reach them with laser-targeted messages – give FoxMetrics a try.

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