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We are a team of dedicated individuals with lots of experience in several fields, mainly, e-commerce, software development, systems management, high availability, scaling, databases, NoSQL and more.

Working within our fields,we noted that it was very expensive or almost impossible to gain access to efficient applications that will help small to medium size businesses make better business decisions by using actionable data and reports. Businesses find themselves paying thousands of dollars a month to gain access to certain tools, such as web analytics, systems monitoring and more. For businesses that can afford such a overly complex and over priced software, put themselves in a place that requires a dedicated team to manage the software and more expenses for simple upgrades..

The story goes on and on, we saw it on a daily basis, vendors provide applications that do half the job and requires a team to manage it and also additional costs are acquired as time goes by or if you need one or more additional features – it will cost money. At the end of the day, these applications are almost too much of an expense for small to medium size businesses than of value.

Therefore, we decided to start a company that is 110%+ customer friendly and dedicated to building and deploying applications that are reasonable priced, efficient and very simple to implement and/or use.

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