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What is SEO?

SEO – “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer”, the former is the process in which one optimizes a website to gain better ranking in search engines for one or more specific keywords. When people are looking for content they usually start by searching for it using a search engine such as Google. Once the search engine returns a list of matches, users tend to pay attention to the entries that are at the very top of the results that were returned, therefore, for better exposure and increase in your traffic, you’ll have to prove to the search engines that you are the definite source for those keywords.

The technique helps you rank higher over millions of websites that currently exist in the webosphere. If you rank in 3+ pages deep for any keyword, you are barely noticed by users if any at all. Page 1 top 3 entries are the prime target. The act itself involves multiple techniques and processes mostly trial and error to get your improvements as the algorithms behind these search engines are well guarded secrets.

Here is a few bullet points of some of the services that are usually rendered when optimizing your website by an agency or search engine optimizer.

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