Collect, Analyze & Act.

The ease & simplicity of FoxMetrics helps analysts analyze web and mobile data and get better user insights very quickly.

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All In One

FoxMetrics is an all-in-one easy to use business intelligence (BI) platform for your web, mobile and offline data. It provides capabilities that will allow everyone within your organization to become data-driven and make informed decisions.

FoxMetrics All-in-One Analytics Solution
All Data Sources

Integrate offline data and 3rd party data to get a complete view.

Custom Reporting

Easily create custom reports that fits your business needs.

Data Modeling

Mold your data structure into a unique model like your business.


Our dashboards are user friendly, easy to create and share with your team.

All Teams

Your whole organization can use FoxMetrics whether they are tech savvy or not.

Professional Services

We support you all the way from implementation to ongoing analysis.