Customer Data Platform (CDP)

CDP stands for Customer Data Platform, which is software designed to combine and manage customer data from multiple sources, within and without the company. The CDP aggregates all customer data, cleanses it and unifies it into a single customer view that can be used for marketing purposes and also accessed by other systems. CDPs allow marketing teams to leverage customer data for objectives including customer segmentation, personalized communications and analytics aimed at gleaning customer insight, all without the need for assistance from the IT team. Having all customer information stored in one place and available to all users and systems enables seamless customer communications and customer behavior analysis. While DMPs are able to process third-party data for multiple purposes in addition to first-party data, CDPs mostly analyze first-party customer data for the purpose of nurturing customer relationships.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a marketer-operated system used to collect, connect, and unify data from the multiple sources and touchpoints associated with the journey a user takes with an organization. The CDP acts as a System of Insight (SoI) for companies looking to manage disparate user data in order to better deliver personalized experiences at scale across multiple channels such as web, email, mobile, and ads.


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