Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

“Pay per click” or “PPC” is a method of payment referring to when website visitors click on a featured ad. As opposed to other cost models, the ad owner must pay per click each time his or her ad is selected, which is owed to the website owner who agreed to host the ad. Also referred to as “cost per click (CPC),” pay per click (PPC) advertising is highly reliant on keyword searches within web browsers to deliver the most relevant traffic to their ad spaces. Although these terms are usually used interchangeably, sometimes “PPC” is reserved for campaigns resulting in actual payment and “CPC” is reserved for other actions resulting from a click, but not necessarily related to click-throughs. PPC ads can appear within web searches (featured at top or on side) and also within related websites. Typically, visitors will recognize a PPC opportunity when the words “sponsored ad” shows up within the site they are visiting.



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