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An Advanced Analytics Tool Can Help Improve Conversions​

An advanced analytics tool can help improve conversions

Are you tired of guessing which marketing channels are working and which aren’t? FoxMetrics can help. With our accurate analytics data, you can make informed decisions about your marketing strategy and invest with confidence.


End the guessing game. Ensure you’re investing in the proper marketing channels with accurate analytics data. To make better decisions, you can better understand your audience, conversions, and revenue. Does it sound too boomy?

We at FoxMetrics don’t just give access to data. We give you a 360-degree view of the visitor activities, empowering you to draw, analyze, compare, learn, and apply the insights into practical settings, more precisely, from real-time to the real world. From sessions, page views, and users to many other such metrics, the comprehensive reports entail everything that can help make a difference to your business without you leaving the seat.

So, let’s fly from where you are to the data universe and figure out your conversion rates!

Understand what’s happening in your store with our easy-to-navigate web analytics dashboards that display data across all channels, including social media and email marketing campaigns. While getting visibility across multi-channels is already a standout, there is more to explore.

Track Individual Customers

Website analytics made easy! Effortlessly track any customer as they browse your site, identify the pages they spend time on and find out when they’re most likely to make a purchase. No need to spend hours looking at charts and reports – our interface is simple and easy to use, allowing you to get insights in no time. Don’t strain your eyes when the data dopamine is there to hit the right chords of your brain.

Our web reporting analytics include metrics such as clicks, views, and sales, so you know what’s working and adjust your strategy to increase conversions.

We do the heavy lifting, and you work on your strategies without a sweat!

Find Return Users

Our eCommerce, web analytics platform capture, analyze, and report on all your website data so that you can make better decisions. The platform is most suitable for eCommerce stores as it provides insights into your visitors’ activity and conversion patterns. It’s an effortless setup. Our easy-to-use interface is perfect for busy eCommerce managers. Intelligence with no manual input required! Don’t waste time and money on an outdated or mediocre analytics tool that’ll only slow you down.

We have this on us to understand your data, so you don’t have to. Instead, we’ll recommend changes based on your goals without wasting time. And no, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach, as in – we don’t use cookies to identify repeat users like others. Instead, every user gets a unique ID to ensure you don’t lose track of them, which is impossible with the other approach.

Web analytics is one of the tools that are a must. It helps you get actionable insights to improve your eCommerce presence!

Identify What Didn’t Work.

Get on the web analytics wagon. The web analytic tools we have at our disposal today are more than they were in the past. With this, we can ensure our website is up to date with all the latest features and changes in technology. So why do you need it? Web analytics for eCommerce help you understand your visitors better and how they interact with your website, enabling you to improve your conversion rates and site quality. Get insight into your business!

If you want to see how your business is doing, there’s no better way to do it than through the analytics dashboard. We dig deeper, after all! You get quality data to improve your conversion rates, site traffic, and site performance because FoxMetrics shows what worked and lets you track what went wrong.

We take you through the journey of your personalized efforts so you know what your users liked the most!

Measure the Outcome of Your Personalization Efforts

It is rare for eCommerce web analytics to suggest whether your customized email campaigns, suggestions, or remarketing campaigns clicked well with your customers. Fortunately, you can count us on this unusual feat. We bring this uniqueness to your doorstep so you can re-strategize. No, we don’t need any unique inputs from you. The intelligent system has the responsibility. Let it show you what initiative had the most significant impact.


As we cover this front, there is a small request. Make the analytics tool work optimally by defining your goals and objectives!

Business Objectives

Where your site stands and should be in terms of traffic, ranking, conversion, and others.


If objectives define the journey, goals determine your destination. So what do you wish to achieve? Let us guess it for you – better customer experience? Or is it something else?

Key Performance Indicators

Our web analytics services show how you are performing in pursuit of your objectives that steadily and continuously take you closer to your ultimate goal fulfillment. But how? Get a complete sense of bounce rate, page load time, sessions and users, paid vs. organic sessions, time on page, etc.

There is ambition, and then there is reality. Since one is nothing without the other, how about marrying the two to each other?

simple web analytics  – Business Strategies

Even simple web analytics tools like ours can help you go bigger and better, powering your dreams through reliable data. First, understand your customers, their needs, and goals to improve your products and services. Then, segment your search to simplify data access for clarity and a targeted view.

Pause, start, run, chase, and pause; it’s a cycle, and so is your entire activity..!


Who doesn’t know that nothing is permanent in this world? Goals and objectives evolve, so what metrics served your purpose in the past may not be apt for now. At FoxMetrics, we understand this. That’s why our digital dashboard is customizable to keep pace with your demands and fetch insights that give you a view of the future or new path.

Track the journey of your website and its customers for the most fulfilling and productive experiences. And you can choose us to make them happen for you. So set up your dashboard and get going. It’s pretty fast and easy. You will not miss anything!

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