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Integrate “Personalized Marketing” Into Your Online Business

Are you ready to learn how personalized marketing can make a great impact on your online business? Then this post has some useful tips for you to harness this strategy.

If you are an e-commerce store owner or an online retailer, you are probably aware of the myriad benefits of personalized marketing! As a matter of fact, it is more or less a quintessential marketing norm these days that every online entrepreneur is striving to accomplish. However, if you are completely new to this marketing tactic, let me give you a brief overview of what personalized marketing is all about, and then we’ll proceed with the benefits!

What is personalized marketing anyway?

I’m not delving deeper into what personalized marketing per se is all about here because that’s not the focus of this post. Here, I mainly want you to learn how personalized marketing can help know your customers better and increase your bottom line eventually.

But still, it’s good to have a basic overview of what personalized marketing is all about! You know, just scratching the surface!

Well, personalized marketing (also known as one-on-one marketing) is a marketing tactic that harnesses the personal details of prospective or existing customers collected through various web analytics methods. Put differently, it is a strategy that focuses on creating highly personalized marketing campaigns and messages to your prospects and customers.

Now with the basics out of the way, let us dig deeper into the benefits of using this marketing methodology.

Let’s go.

What are the incredible benefits of using personalized marketing?

Before we discuss the benefits, let me share a few key aspects of this strategy.

You must always remember that personalization marketing is all about reaching out to your customers with the most appropriate and personalized message; but most importantly, at the right time and on the right platform. These activities really “pack the punch” and easily help transform your cold visitors into warm leads and subtly prod them into your sales funnel.

Also, note that the benefits of these activities are not only myriad but also highly impactful; so without further ado, let’s check out the benefits – one by one!

Talking about FoxMetrics, I would like to share some more valuable features of FoxMetrics personalization platform.

Personalization, targeted surveys and analytics tracking with FoxMetrics

Believe me, it’s the platform that makes or breaks your personalization efforts!

FoxMetrics platform makes personalization eminently efficient by allowing you to create custom popups to display targeted marketing messages, create custom surveys, and forms to build your email list – all based on user behaviors and past purchases of your customers.

The ability to create targeted surveys is another insightful feature integrated into the FoxMetrics system. With this feature, you can run customized surveys for different segments of your visitors, which can reveal vital information about their browsing experience and satisfaction levels. These survey results are analytics-information-goldmines that you can leverage to create highly targeted marketing campaigns

However, personalization is never complete without an efficient analytics system in place. Hence, the FoxMetrics platform has got you covered on that front too. The most critical features of FoxMetrics analytics tracking are e-commerce tracking, email tracking, and error tracking.

E-commerce tracking lets you track all the e-commerce sales funnel events, transactions, and the revenue generated by your site. The email tracking feature enables you to easily keep track of everything from email open rates to sales generated by your marketing emails. And with error tracking, you can track the types and number of errors occurring on your site. Without these core analytics tracking features integrated into your site, personalization will never yield its desired results.

Well, this pretty much brings us to the last section of this post, which is “best practices”!

Personalized marketing best practices!

Before I conclude this post, I wanted to share some of the critical personalized marketing best practices tips with you! So let’s check them out one by one.

Final thoughts

Now it’s over to you! It’s time for you to implement a robust personalized marketing platform like FoxMetrics to your e-commerce site to reap the plethora of benefits that this strategy has to offer.

But if you have already implemented a personalized marketing platform at your end, please let us know – through a comment – in what ways it has impacted your business?

I’m sure that these tips will allow you to leverage this strategy to the fullest for increasing your business bottom line.

Thank you very much for taking out your valuable time to read my post. Good luck!

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