Dear Form Completion Analysis, You Deserve More Love

The vast array of metrics available in the world of web analytics can be overwhelming, and gleaning actionable insight from all this data can be a challenge. Although a lot of standard web analytics tools can help companies layout a story about their website, one type of analysis that doesn’t get as much love, but can be highly actionable, is form completion analysis.

From checkout funnels to subscription forms, every website has at least one form that is critical to the site’s success. Pathing tools are commonly leveraged to monitor funnel analysis, but more insight can be found by reviewing the completion rate of each form field within the funnel or form.

Two specific areas of insight that an excellent form completion analysis can provide are 1) abandonment rate at the form field level, and 2) error message rate at the form field level.

Abandonment Rate at the Form Field Level
A funnel analysis will provide the incremental abandonment rate associated with the page, but a form completion analysis will break down incremental abandonment to the form field level.

Error Message Rate at the Form Field Level
Error message rate is the number of users that view an error message during the form completion process. A heavily missed data point that can provide further insight into form field optimization is evaluating the error message rate per form field.

The combination of abandonment rate and error message rate can highlight specific problem areas that can sabotage a great form completion rate. Once specific problem areas are identified, the data begins to really do its job.

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