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Modern Restaurant Data Analytics

FoxMetrics can unify and create customer profiles using data from your loyalty programs, gift-cards, web ordering, mobile ordering, delivery, and more.

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Your Restaurant Data Analytics Partner

FoxMetrics empowers restaurants to collect, enrich, transform, and explore their data from all channels and systems.

Online Behavior

Tracking customer activity on your website and mobile applications is crucial to improving conversion.

Offline Data

Merging data from offline systems and backend sources allows us to merge customer journey for a complete picture.

Vendor Data

Tightly integrating with your ordering and delivery vendors allows for a holistic reporting and performance monitoring.

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Web & Mobile Ordering

Understanding the trends and how they shift in customer behavior is crucial to running a successful e-commerce business. Drive more online sales and gain a competitive edge with FoxMetrics by using it to make well informed decisions and boost product visibility, based on our restaurant data analytics.

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Not all restaurant loyalty programs are created equal, and the most successful programs are easy to use and implement by staff. Customer loyalty programs are critical to any restaurant’s long-term success, and you can use FoxMetrics to understand how they are performing, drive additional sales, and optimize retention.

alternatives to cash

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Gift-cards grow loyalty and remain the most requesting gift year over year. FoxMetrics integrates and analyzes data from your gift card providers and allows you to explore the benefits of selling, acquiring, and improving customer loyalty using data from gift-cards.

greater exposure

Digital Marketing

FoxMetrics helps you power your marketing efforts by ingesting and analyzing data from all channels. It provides the capability to examine all channels, determine how your customers might interact, and identify new revenue opportunities from existing or past campaigns. FoxMetrics offers profound insights into customer preferences, trends, and patterns - contact us today for your demo!


Web & Mobile Analytics

Understanding the behavior of your customers requires data from multiple sources. We gather data from your web and mobile applications and provide traditional analytics and powerful visualizations that will help you make critical decisions about your website, mobile application, or digital marketing.

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How we deliver results

We support single or multi-unit restaurants and multi-brand businesses.

Custom Reporting

Use Workbench to build out any custom report to match your business needs using your specified requirements.

Marketing Campaigns

Closely monitor all your campaigns using standard or custom configuration as needed for your business.

Mobile Tracking

Track customer activity from within your mobile experience into FoxMetrics so you can report on mobile performance.

Build Dashboards

Use our self service dashboard builder to build any number of reports using any builtin or custom metrics.

Web Tracking

FoxMetrics is capability of tracking all web activity from your users and allows you to report and merge the data.

Any Data Source

No more siloed data. With FoxMetrics you can ingest data from any data source - online or offline.

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We help restaurants become data-driven and increase sales.

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FoxMetrics is more than just dashboards. It’s a secure business intelligence tool for restaurant brands. Quickly get a complete picture of your customer’s journey, grow your brand, and, maintain 100% data ownership.