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No engineers, no resource planning, no sales team, no marketers – Just Paste!

Build & Track

Start building profiles and
tracking customer activities

Start building profiles and tracking customer activities.


Create segments and targets

By tracking the behaviors of those people on your site and where they are coming from you can build unique segments that you can then be used as targets for your marketing efforts.


Personalize the experience
of your customers

Use one or more of our marketing or research widgets to increase sales by engaging and capturing your fine tuned segments.

Analyze & Report

Create custom or use
built-in reports

Create and view how customers are interacting without our widgets and optimize based on results. Create custom reports based on any activity performed by the customer.

Integrate with your existing platforms

We know our clients rely on a range of technology partners. We’ve integrated with many of the most common
providers. We can also integrate with your custom platform based on your unique business needs.

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