Customer Data Platform

Get Seamless Customer Experiences

Digital Marketers that rely on siloed-data and channel-specific marketing strategies are no longer winning the marketing game.

Your biggest challenge isn’t a lack of data – it’s the inability to quickly draw meaningful and actionable insights from it.

Single Customer View

Start building profiles and
tracking customer activities

By consolidating every piece of information about your users in one centralized location, Foxmetrics gives you a powerful overview of every action performed by your customers – on mobiles, websites, or even in your offline store

Event Stream

Real-time Data from any source

Traditional analytics normally processes data after it’s stored, but more and more, these insights are too late.

FoxMetric’s Event Streaming quickly analyzes time-based data as it’s being created and before it’s stored, even at the instant that it’s streaming from one device to another.

GDPR & Privacy

We take privacy seriously

Are you adhering to the vigorous protection protocols for user data and promote a transparent and accessible atmosphere for the consumer?

And what does it mean for you, the digital marketer?

Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

Create custom or use
built-in reports for digital marketing

Create and view how customers are interacting without our widgets and optimize based on results. Create custom reports based on any activity performed by the customer.

Integrate with your existing platforms

We know our clients rely on a range of technology partners. We’ve integrated with many of the most common
providers. We can also integrate with your custom platform based on your unique business needs.

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