A Modern Cloud-Based Web Analytics Platform

It empowers businesses to collect, enrich, transform, and explore their web, mobile, and offline customer journey data.

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FoxMetrics Web Analytics

Multi-Device Support

The average customer has multiple devices and most businesses use multiple vendors, collecting data from anywhere is key. We support and ingest data from multiple devices and channels.

Professional Services

No matter what you are trying to achieve, we got your back. Our team of experts engineers and analysts are only a quick phone call away.

No Data Sampling

With FoxMetrics, you get unsampled data all the time. We provide access to your complete raw data set, so you can make accurate and data-driven decisions to grow your business

Access To Raw Data

Our fully managed data pipeline enables you to import, organize, and transform RAW data into useful business insights. You will always have direct access to your data in its original form.

Built To Grow With You

Staying on top of your business can be tricky and time-consuming at times. Our mission is to put you in control of your data so that you can gain insight to fuel growth.

Centralize Data

Connect all your data from different sources to one place to know your customers better, find new customers, evaluate performance in real-time, reduce cost, and increase efficiency.

Want to track the performance of all your marketing efforts?

Cross-Channel Data Collection

The opportunities are endless outside of a single device. Escape the shackles and collect data from all devices including web, mobile, and offline data. Customers interact with your brand on a plethora of channels with an ever-increasing number of devices – which makes collecting data from anywhere a necessity.

FoxMetrics allows you to integrate data from all sources to analyze customers' journey across various channels efficiently.

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Track who's visiting your website and what actions they are taking. Measure and quantify the traffic to your site as a whole and for individual visitors.

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Collect mobile data to get insight into customers' actions and purchase behavior to improve engagement and enhance customers' journey.

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Tracking mobile and web activities is not enough. We provide you insights on valuable customer behavior that happens offline.

Do It Yourself, No Developer Required

Full access to your RAW data. Create flexible and customizable data models to fit the needs of your organization

Data Modeling

FoxMetrics allows you to organize and model data from different sources according to your organizational requirements.

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With the FoxMetrics DIY dashboard designer, anyone can create impressive, highly functional, and interactive dashboards in minutes.

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Business Intelligence

Need deeper insights or custom reports, use our Workbench product to access your raw data, and perform analysis using the power of SQL.

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Build to Support All Teams

We realize data analysis can prove exponentially valuable at every level of your organization. So FoxMetrics is tailored to give you a data-driven competitive edge that allows you to generate long-term value for yourself and your customers.


Product Managers

Business Analysts

Data Engineers

Customer Success


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