Understanding Mobile Metrics and Dimensions

Do you have a sizable mobile user base? Here are a few mobile metrics and dimensions to consider when tracking them.

  • Mobile Device
    • What type of device are they using?
    • Is the user on IOS, Android, Windows Mobile?
  • Mobile Location
    • Tracking user location gives you the option of triggering location-based promotions.
  • Mobile Session Lengths
    • People generally spend less time navigating sites while on mobile. Make sure your mobile users have a seamless experience on your mobile site.
  • Mobile Conversion
    • People’s browse behaviors tend to differ on a mobile site vs a desktop site. Gaining an understanding of differing user behaviors will help identify if there are opportunities to modify certain experiences to cater to particular device types.
  • Marketing Channel Breakdown
    • Consider breaking down all of the mobile metrics mentioned above by marketing channel. Understanding the commonalities and differences between marketing channels can provide a new perspective and enlightened point of view to your mobile metrics.

These mobile metrics are just a few of the many data points and dimensions that FoxMetrics supports and are vital to the success of your mobile strategy. We’d love to hear how you are using FoxMetrics! Let us know on Twitter @FoxMetrics.

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