6 Useful things you can do with analytics

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Obviously, because of our flagship product FoxMetrics, we believe analytics plays a key role in growing your web presence. Armed with the right analytic tools, you can make critical changes to your website based on well informed decisions.  With our real time web interaction tool, it is so much easier to come to an immediate conclusion or drill deep to gain a better insight on how people interact with your website.

The guys at Monash Research believes that there are ultimately six useful things you can do with analytics technology.

  1. You can make an immediate decision.
  2. You can plan in support of future decisions.
  3. You can research, investigate, and analyze in support of future decisions.
  4. You can monitor what’s going on, to see when it necessary to decide, plan, or investigate.
  5. You can communicate, to help other people and organizations do these same things.
  6. You can provide support, in technology or data gathering, for one of the other functions.

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