Get Certified as a Web Analytics Specialist

December 7, 2011 in General

Get Certified as a Web Analytics Specialist

Getting certified as a web analytics specialist provides a lot of advantages, specifically if you have already witnessed the development of this niche. Nowadays, web analytics applications has become one of the principal trade platforms for a lot of businesses that look to analyze, research, and monetize their online sales. For this reason they will require an expert web analyst, who is educated and has been already certified. The niche of web analytics is very popular but it is still a sort of a new thing that business owners aren’t well acquainted with as much as they should.

Most businesses do have some sort of web analytics software, but they aren’t getting the entire impact they could get from it. You can’t say that you’ve taken a huge advantage of the platform, if all you do with it is watching the number of visitors that went through your website every day. A certified web analytics specialist can comprehend what data is significant and what is not. They also know the ways to cross-refer this data with other significant information. The amount of options may seem to have no end, and this is the point at which expert web analysts stands out from the crowd of amateur web analytics software users.

The most significant thing is to understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that assists to measure a success of your business. After a business sets its goals, its conversion rate may be a number, which has some sort of relevance to the CEO and/or marketing department. There are a lot of web analytics courses online and most of them will provide information on analyzing web metrics, considering offline and online goals to enlarge the earnings of any business.

Web analytics courses will teach you to approach the data in an effective manner, analyze and diagnose it, and find the significant data critical for successful business management. There are Google Analytics Certified program5 hour crush course certification from Personyze, Market Motive web analytics training and certification from Avinash Kaushik – all of them will provide all the necessary education in this field. You can also look for more courses and, who knows, maybe you’ll find a cheaper program.

Newbies will learn fundamental concepts of web analytics as they will walk their way through to becoming certified web analytics specialists. There are areas like custom report analysis, understanding social media influence, segmentation, mobile analytics, goals, A/B and multivariate testing; and keyword analysis that you will learn.

Segmentation, perhaps, is one of the most significant tools a web analytics expert should be able to handle. It will help you perceive statistics of a website in a completely different manner, than you’ve had before. The entire idea is to concentrate on a certain visitor group and go deep into their specific behavior on the web. Segmentation is a tremendous help in analyzing, testing, and optimizing your site for particular visitor groups.

Whatever courses you choose to become a certified web analyst, learning this specialization will eventually provide you an awesome job, whether you decide to be self-employed or a company-employed web analyst.

Not sure if you need to go this far? Well, if you want to take your online presence and overall influence on to another level, you should consider this opportunity. Certain expenses are inevitable, but as they say you have to spend some to make some.

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