Increase your 2016 e-commerce sales with abandoned cart emails

A study shows that people who purchase after getting cart abandonment emails spend 55% more than those who buy straightaway. Combine this with the knowledge that nearly 70% of users leave a website without purchasing the contents of their carts, and you have a golden opportunity for gaining more sales. Jumpstart your sales this new year with targeted emails.

What are abandoned cart emails, anyway?

Great question. Abandoned cart emails are based on a simple concept: reminding your customers about orders they haven’t finished ordering. These customers have already shown interest in your products, providing you with an opportunity to reignite that interest. Abandoned cart emails remind your customer that they haven’t finished what they started, while giving them a chance to complete their order. You can also send emails to customers who browse your website but don’t add any items to their cart. These emails work similarly to the abandoned browsing session emails and can also serve as a friendly reminder to your users.

Frequently asked question: Do abandoned cart emails work?

In a word: yes. Check out these stats:

  • Over 40% of all cart abandonment emails are opened
  • Over 10% of cart abandonment emails are clicked
  • 28% of clicks lead to a purchase on your website
  • Each cart abandonment email sent recovers over $8 in revenue [Source]

Besides growing your sales, abandoned cart emails come with their own benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Remind visitors what they wanted

No matter where your visitor is in the buying cycle, they come to your website wanting something. Whether they want to browse or buy, they’ve visited your website hoping that they can find a product that fits their needs. Use your abandoned cart emails to show your visitors the items in their carts and remind them why they visited your website.

Get feedback on why they abandoned their cart

The reasons visitors abandon their orders are as diverse as the visitors themselves. Did they get distracted? Find a better price? Want to explore more options before buying? No matter why they abandoned their order, reaching out to them with an abandoned cart email provides an opportunity to learn why they left their order behind. One easy way to do this is to include an easy one-question survey to your emails to learn why they abandoned their order. A single click can provide them with an easy way to answer their question, show off their shopping cart, and provide you with valuable user feedback. And once you have those answers, you can start addressing their concerns and gain their business.

Offer incentives to get customers to come back

Let’s be honest: customers love a good deal. Your abandoned cart email can also come with a reminder of discounted shipping or other special offers. If you offer discounted shipping and your customer’s existing cart order is approaching the discounted shipping minimum, your email can be a great reminder of what your customer is missing out on.

Make customers feel more at ease about ordering

The more at ease a customer feels with an online company, the more likely they are to order. What puts visitors in the right mindset to order? Information and transparency. This is your chance to remind users of incentives for free or reduced shipping, You can also remind users of your return and privacy policy. You can also increase customer confidence by including your contact information in your abandoned cart email. Addressing your customers’ concerns goes a long way toward gaining their confidence and their orders.

Personalize the user experience

Make your users feel special with their abandoned cart email. Use the email to show the items sitting in their carts, waiting to be ordered. Or show some of the items they looked at if you’re sending an abandoned browse session email. This gentle, personalized reminder can go a long way toward regaining their business and trust. By showing your customers that you’re paying attention, you’re adding a personal touch to their experience that shows you care. And when the customer knows you care, they’ll come back for more.

What does all this mean for you? If you’re not emailing your users about their abandoned shopping carts and browsing sessions, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to regain customers and grow your revenue.

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How is your business using abandoned cart emails?

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