Measure the Effectiveness of Your Website Landing Pages

You’ve probably seen landing pages before. They’re the pages you land on after clicking an ad or a link in a promotional email. While it may be tempting to direct all your campaign traffic to your homepage, you can do better by creating landing pages. Creating distinct landing pages that address what your audience is looking for is the best way to get their attention.

While creating a great landing page is as much an art as it is a science, all good landing pages have a few things in common:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines – The headline should explain
  • Simple and pleasing design
  • Clear call to action button that stands out
  • Clear and understandable text

What should I track on my landing page?

Once you’ve built the best landing page you can, it’s time to start measuring your landing page’s performance. While the answer to “What should I be measuring?” is “As much as you possibly can”, some metrics in particular stand out when learning whether your landing page is working.

Clicks – How many people are clicking? What are they clicking? Not only does this give you insight, but measuring clicks on your landing page can also reveal where else your visitors are clicking. Are they clicking that link at the bottom of the page more often than the big green Sign Up button? Learn what your audience is clicking and how often so you can redirect their attention to the call to action.

Social shares – Are people sharing your landing page? Find out who’s sharing your landing pages and how often they’re being shared.

Conversions – Landing pages are designed with action in mind, so measuring conversions is one of the most important metrics of all. Are people taking action from your landing page? Whether you want them to sign up for an account, share the page with a friend,

What else is your audience is doing on your website? Create profiles for each visitor and segment your audience into groups that are relevant to your business.

I’m gathering metrics on my landing pages… now what?

Now that you’re measuring everything you can about your landing page, it’s time to act on those results. Here are a few ways to do that.

Segment your audience into relevant groups
One of the most powerful things you can learn about your landing pages is what people are doing there. With segmentation, you can divide your audience into groups ranging from which users converted as a result of that landing page to who clicked your call to action but didn’t convert to which visitors are taking other actions on your website. Once you’ve divided your audience into segments, you can target certain segments
people who found your page via certain sources, people who convert from that landing page, their behavior after viewing the landing pages…

Test, test, and test some more
No matter how effective your landing page is, there’s always room for improvement. Test different landing page designs. See what happens if you change the headline or the text of the call to action button. Use these experiences to change the text or layout of the landing page based on how previous users have reacted.

Keep using your data to make your landing page even better
Now that you’ve gathered the data, and segmented your userbase, you’re ready to make your landing pages even more powerful.

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